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Oyoun Media - In conversation with Co-founder Mais Sawafteh

Oyoun Media - In conversation with Co-founder Mais Sawafteh

Recipe of Success: How Oyoun Media is Leading the Digital Marketing Industry in Palestine and their Efforts to Expand to Regional and international Markets.

For the last few years, the MENA region has shown high growth in digital marketing. As such, many companies have started to build a robust strategy for their digital presence in social and digital media channels. Oyoun Media has made major strides within the digital marketing industry in Palestine by providing a variety of in-demand services, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media Management, Content Management, Video Production, Digital products like Customer Experience and Digitization platforms.

Despite the emergence of new technologies and their endless opportunities, unemployment in Palestine remains a very real obstacle for thousands. To illustrate, Palestinian unemployment has reached a staggering 31%, and female unemployment is at an all-time high at 51% Because of this, Palestinian women are no longer waiting for opportunities but creating their own as they turn to entrepreneurship to achieve their economic potential and become leaders of change.  

One such Palestinian who has turned the odds to her favor is Mais Sawafteh. After graduation, Sawafteh struggled to find a job within her field of electrical engineering yet persevered and put her skills to the test when she founded Palestine's first-ever digital advertising company, Oyoun Media. 

MENACatalyst reached out to Oyoun Media Co-founder Mais Sawafteh to learn more about this leading company as well as her entrepreneurial journey. 

Can you talk about your background and how it inspired you to start Oyoun Media? 

Well, I have a major in electrical engineering and a minor communication. After graduation, I tried to work in a related field, but unfortunately, I didn't find the opportunity. But my strong background in engineering gave me the power to work in any field. I worked in four different fields as a sales engineer, technical support, marketing manager, and G.M for a training center.

Despite this, I didn't find myself satisfied with what I was doing. A new challenge eventually came up, which I was able to take the lead on. From that point on, I started working on a platform that would sell advertisements for participating websites and connect them to potential clients.

What was the beginning of Oyoun Media like?

I worked alone with zero profit for a whole year, but I was in love with my work. And through my work, I found that there was a big gap within the advertisement industry in the Palestinian market compared to any other market. So I decided that it was time to bring something new to our market by introducing new marketing strategies and techniques. 

I started working on other platforms, especially from Google, and I took the needed certificates to develop my knowledge. As the project started to gain momentum, I signed on a few part-timers from the university. Then I began to work with our clients to change their mindset about online and digital marketing so that they could see the potential that this medium has to offer.

What is Oyoun Media?

Oyoun Media has been operating in Palestine since 2015 and provides state of the art digital marketing services, affordable digital marketing options like SEO and PPC to website design, social media marketing, and content creation. Our approach is spurred by a desire to achieve results, despite the competition now present on the web.

What sets Oyoun Media apart?

At Oyoun Media, digital is in our genes. Through our offices in Ramallah, we implement best practices for clients who are ready to start (or improve) Digital Marketing elements into their business strategies. As coaches in Digital Marketing, we walk you through every step of the process so you can learn as you go. 

At Oyoun, we listen to our customers and deliver reliable, innovative digital marketing services and tactics they trust.

What are the services Oyoun offers?

Oyoun Media set a strategy from day one to be number one or get out. This challenging goal inspired the team to provide all new digital marketing trends to Palestinian markets. Number-driven and focused on clear key performance indicators, our team works tirelessly to achieve these figures and build trust with our clients.

Oyoun Media delivers different services related to Digital Marketing, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social Media Management, Video Production, Digital Services, and Consultancy. We also measure Customer Experience, provide Digitization consultancy, and Digital Products. 

What are the main challenges businesses in Palestine and the MENA region face when it comes to digital marketing?

Most businesses suffer from several challenges like Creating Consistent Branding, Generating Traffic and Leads, Managing Website, Securing an Effective Budget, Understanding Tools and Technology, Creating the Right Content, Finding the Best Marketing Talent, Determining Your Marketing ROI, Training the Team, and Facilitating Increased Customer Engagement. Oyoun Media provides the best turnkey solutions to the market to help clients reach their goals.

We're proud to provide marketing solutions for some of the largest brands in the country, as well as small to medium local companies. We even handle international campaigns. While we still enjoy the feeling of a local company, the scalability of our marketing solutions knows no bounds. We routinely work with some of the largest international brands in Europe, and the GCC, while retaining a substantial number of small and medium-sized companies across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

What are your thoughts on the market potential for Oyoun Media in the MENA region?

Digital marketing is a booming industry, and it's getting popularized in almost all the major markets. When it comes to reputational firms, it is essential to have a dedicated digital marketing strategy irrespective of the size of your business. Companies today need to have access to the latest technologies around, as well as prioritize marketing channels and give more importance to online marketing activities, such as social media optimization, web analytics, paid media strategy, etc.

Where do you see Oyoun Media in the next few years?

During its years of operations, Oyoun Media has developed its strategies according to the technological development of the current era. It started with limited digital marketing services, integrated into the world of digitization today. The company makes sure that it keeps up with the constant evolution and development happening in the world and puts an effort in transferring technology to the audience in the right way.

How has your team helped make Oyoun Media what it is today?

Oyoun Media has a dedicated, professional, and customer-focused team. Our team consists of three developers in the IT department, three graphic designers in the department of Design, and three Sales and Marketing officers at the Department of Operations. Each of them is skilled in their respective fields, and together they make a creative, integrated team. Each member feels good about being part of this family.

Having a professional, loyal, and dedicated team has brought Oyoun Media to where it is today. The team's purpose aligns with that of the organization's and works hard to achieve its goals and its customer's satisfaction. Our team's impressive experience and skills have been an asset to this company.

Can you describe Oyoun Media's impact over the years?

Since its establishment, Oyoun Media has been growing and achieving many notable milestones. It started in 2015 with two employees and one customer as a website network. A year after, it became the first partner of Google in Palestine, and from that point, it started providing digital services. Through the years, our number of customers has increased, and our offered services expanded.

In 2018, Oyoun Media organized the first conference on BIG DATA. Now, Oyoun media has more than 50 customers locally and internationally. Since the start of 2019, it has launched Maestro (MaaS), Lead Management System, and Robotics products.

Do you have any thoughts on the state of female entrepreneurship in Palestine? And what would you like to see?

In Palestine, we have many talented women who not only need opportunities but support from their families and society to promote entrepreneurship and build success stories.

What advice would you give to aspiring (female) entrepreneurs?

Dream bigger, do bigger, and then surround yourself with people who will support you in achieving that your vision.

Stay focused on results. Everyone will judge your idea, what you've built, and question your ability to see your dreams through. You can't get away from that. What will matter are the results you produce. Also, don't lose focus on who you are and what you're best at building.